Career With Shah InfoSys

Shah InfoSys Pvt. Ltd. has expertise in web designing, ERP solutions and mobile app development for educational institutes & industrial establishments. Shah InfoSys , your IT Consultant, provides a complete, innovative business/academic solutions in terms of the IT proficiency that your business/institute requires. We offer our expertise for your business/institute unit. By understanding your business model we develop a complete end to end solution.

Entery Level Freshers

Stop thinking that being a fresher. You are in first career opportunity and Shah InfoSys Pvt. Ltd. is there to welcome you with a set growth track, we feel proud to be a value able partner in your professional journey. Our doors are open for self motivated young professionals.

Experienced Professionals

You are experienced (2 + years) professionals with polished IT skills in

  • iphone/ipad programing

  • Andriod programing

  • Window phone programing

Student Ineternship

Internships are very important, because they substantially increase the chance of finding employment. During this period Shah InfoSys provides you the opportunity to excel your skills in a real work environment and spend time to understand your dedication to a particular career.

Shah Info Academy

With the vision of developing the Nation’s IT skills and catering to the needs of organization to deploy the required IT skills to the employees, Shah Info tries to fix the problems to both. At Shah Info academy small duration courses up to 6 months are provided to the pursuer.

Positive Work Environment

To get the most out of our employees, we create a positive work environment for the entire team. When people feel encouraged, accepted and happy, they become more motivated and perform better. Isn’t that a nice formula?

Yes, it takes time out of your day, but the process of creating a joyous workplace brings a sense of purpose to your work and results in dedicated performances. Plus, managers are responsible for nurturing their team, not just producing great project outcomes no matter the cost.

One of the biggest complaints from employees is that they don’t feel appreciated. The second someone gives us a “nice job” or “you made a difference on this project,” we feel like we matter in a way that gives our work a sense of purpose. If you’re not so inclined to give out verbal gold stars, an easy place to start is with a simple “thank you.”

Work-Life Balance

Our entire team has great ideas. They’re in the trenches all day, bringing their own experience and perspectives to the part of the project they’re focused on. For example, if there’s a way to make spreadsheets more efficient or cold-calls more productive, the team members know how. It’s tempting to stick with protocol because you know that works well. But these days the world moves so fast nobody can afford to stay with a status quo for too long. So instead, make it a policy to listen to new ideas (you could structure appropriate time periods for this, too), and this will tell everyone they’re a valuable part of the team. Give the good ideas a try; you never know what might happen—other than the team becomes more invested in their work and the project outcome, for starters.

This is a harder rule to practice for some more than others. So try to default to the assumption that your team is made up of adult, responsibility-taking, competent workers that don’t need to be treated like children. (In the end, people act the way they’re treated.) In action terms, this means that when you delegate, really let go and let the individual own the task you gave them. You can also communicate trust by asking team members to make decisions for their part of the project.